I Make a ... Strawberry?

I decided to try felting. This is when you knit something out of wool and then wash it in hot water and it shrinks into something awesome.


I knit a bag in pink, red, and maroon, as a sort of Valentine to myself, I guess. The knitting went well. Except for the part where I messed up a lot, naturally. But I fixed it, sort of, and went on, as I do.

Here's what it looked like after knitting.

(The book is there as a frame of reference, because I don't have a yardstick, or those handy measuring things they have on CSI).

It's cute, right? Even though it's in the shape of a strawberry?

Here's what it looked like after felting.

It's really only a teeny tiny bit smaller, which is sort of disappointing, actually. It will not, however, keep me from using this bag. Or telling people I made it.

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