I Have a Productive Day, Even Though I Did Nothing

The following are brought to you by The Thornbirds. Yes, the entire eight hours was on today, and I watched it--the whole thing. It's pretty close to the book, though I realized as I watched it that I really don't like any of the characters; this, I think, is due to my having watched The Real World in my formative years (fine, when I was in college, whatever) and getting all frustrated with people who are immature and selfish and wishy-washy. I just don't have any patience for that. And yet, I teach high school. Hunh.

I bet back in the seventies, it was really really good, before MTV came along and ruined successive generations. On the plus side, it could actually be considered tame by modern standards, and when people die, they don't show any decomp, so your chances of being grossed out are pretty slim.

While I was watching The Thornbirds, I was also busy knitting. I though I'd make myself a hat, because it's been cold lately, and I wanted something to keep my ears warm. And then, halfway through the series, I finished one (this was VERY unexpected; I am slooooooow). So I decided to do another one. And then I finished that one too. I am on a roll, people! It's like I have superpowers!

Wanna see 'em?

Both are the same pattern, but this one is knit on circular needles. The main yarn is actually light greenish-blue and the stripe is light purple (my camera has problems with colors, I think).

This one was knit on regular straight needles and stitched up the back. I realize it looks like a FABulous animal print, but it's actually a blue variegated yarn, which I tried to duplicate through editing and yet failed miserably.

So guess what. The pattern is apparently designed for someone who does not have a big fatty fathead, so these are kinda small for me. Also, my hair sticks out from under the hats in a VERY unattractive way, so you know I will not be wearing them, no matter how cute they are when they are laying out on a blanket. In addition, I printed out two patterns to try, and I actually thought that I was knitting the OTHER pattern, so when the first one came out so small, I automatically thought I must have misread the pattern. (That's why I switched needles). When the second one turned out the same way, I finally figured out what was going on. Of course that made me feel stupid, so now I am mad at these hats, a little.

Anyway, they are very nice-looking, and they are exTREMEly well-made, so I was thinking that maybe they would be nice for a baby? Who just turned one? Who probably does NOT have a big fatty fathead? (Kara, can you hear me?)

Please don't let me have watched The Thornbirds in vain.

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Kara said...

I am sure my one-year old would love the animal print hat. He looks terrific in hats. Of course I think he looks terrific in just a diaper too. Consider it taken.


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