I Go to the Knitting Class (Part 3)

I don't actually remember much from this week's class, given that I was in a Headache Fog and also it was two days ago. But I figure this series should continue, since it is so interesting I know you're dying to read it. And also because it's only for another week.

Our homework was to finish the front parts of the sweater and attach them to the back. I did this. I thought that we were supposed to finish the sleeves as well, but I only did one, and anyway it turns out that the sleeves are not due until next week, which figures.

So this week, in the course of teaching the lesson, the knitting teacher actually used my sweater as the class example, and the lesson was Weaving In Ends, so now I don't have to do that myself.

She also said my work was beautiful, and another lady said, "She twists her stitches." Me: "????" because I don't know what that means. But evidently, left-handed knitting, in stockinette stitch, does not look like right-handed knitting. I was all ready to go into my full rant on Lefty Discrimination, but my teacher said, "That's fine. Her work is a beautiful example, and she's found a way that works FOR HER." So I let it go ... but I still thought it all out in my head.

One of the other things we learned this week was how to make buttonholes. The easiest way for me to make buttonholes is to buy zippers instead. But the way we learned was really easy--for everyone else, because once again, I couldn't make it work out correctly knitting as a lefty.

But then my teacher went and got this book that has directions for left-handed knitters (I actually have this book already, but I must have read only the first two pages because there is all sorts of stuff in there that I did not recognize). This book is wonderful, because not only does it teach to lefties (as many books do not--jerks) but also because it has BOTH written directions AND pictures, and I need both in order to follow them with any sort of success.

I had a question about my sleeve at the end of class, and the teacher held it up for everyone to see and said, "Isn't this beautiful work?" And I blushed and sank like, four stories into the ground. But it turns out the problem that I was asking about is not actually a problem at all, and I had made my sleeve correctly after all, which is a relief, because I knitted on JUST the sleeve for THREE WHOLE EPISODES of the The Office (I have like, nine episodes saved on the Tivo. What? I like that show, if by "like" you mean "have an obsessive and almost scary attachment to," which I maybe do).

So then I bought some yarn for a new project and when I was driving home I saw two wrecks but I didn't cause them. And sometime during the day I went to McDonald's but when I was standing in line, I got nauseated suddenly and began looking around for something to throw up in, just in case (I would not have done it in a public bathroom; I even scrub my own toilet before I put my head next to it, because ewww). And then I went to my parents' house and got shot. The End.

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