Superstition Ain't the Way

I had my book club tonight--no deer tried to commit suicide in my vicinity, so ... YAY!

I really had a fear that somehow, some way, some dumb ol' deer would come cantering across the road and leap right into the side of my brand new car. Sort of like a tradition.

I've always been superstitious about things happening that way, like when I broke my foot the weekend before finals in my first semester of college. I was very careful for the following eight semesters not to engage in activities that could wind up with me in the hospital. I'm not saying I was overcautious, but ... I never wound up in the hospital during finals week.

Once, I was walking into Borders, and I tripped on the carpet and broke my foot. So then I had to stop going to Borders, and I became a Barnes & Noble girl.

Then, there was this one time when I made out with a guy that I wasn't really interested in like THAT, and the next day I fell down and broke my foot. I broke up with him, because I just couldn't take that chance again; I only have two feet, you know.

I have this one dress that I wear the first day of every school year, because I wore it the first day of my first year of teaching. Although, I DID quit after my second year, so I should maybe stop doing that. Come to think of it, I ALWAYS quit after my second year at any job ... maybe it's time to send that dress to the Goodwill.

I have four alarm clocks. I only use three (I forgot how to set the other one), but then I have my tv alarm that wakes me up too, as well as a timer on my bedside lamp so it comes on at a certain time every morning. I've never actually slept through an alarm, but I sort of think that I MIGHT, someday, so I am trying to put that off as long as possible. Also, two of my clocks run on batteries, and the tv and lamp are both electric, so I also have a wind-up alarm clock, just in case the power goes out AND the batteries run down in both my other clocks ON THE SAME NIGHT.

If I don't put my keys in the candy dish I got from my grandma the very SECOND I walk in the door, I feel certain that some sort of doom will befall me. So of course I try to keep that from happening, and right now this instant, those keys are nestled in their little crystal bed, waiting for me to pick them up in the morning on my way out the door.

I have no superstitions regarding housecleaning. That would just be stupid.

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