Oprah's Book Club

Oprah announced her new book today: Night, by Elie Wiesel.

Ha! I've already read it! I am AWESOME!

On a serious note, this is a good book, but the kind of good that means you're glad you've read it, when you're done, and it stays with you, but you're not sure you want to read it again. In other words, it's not a feel-good book.

On the other hand, I do think it's a very important book, and I might recommend it to some of my students--the ones that can handle it, obviously, since the material is very heavy.

How embarassed am I, that I thought Elie Wiesel was dead? Who am I thinking of, a Holocaust survivor that was a writer, and he died within the last few years?


Jennifer said...

Good for Oprah! I read it for a class in college, and I distinctly remember reading it during the break at an InterVarsity retreat. All around me, people were laughing, playing games, and having a good time. I was in the middle of the room, trying to keep from sobbing. You're right that it was an amazing book, and yet I never, never want to read it again. It ripped me up.

Cindy said...

Wow, I could've sworn Wiesel had died recently!

I haven't read "Night," but I do admire Wiesel greatly. However, I think it's sad that his experiences appear to have completely drained him of any faith (at least according to various quotes I've read.)


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