Desperate Housewives Is a Big Ol' Cheater

I think it is absolutely criminal that DH classifies itself as a comedy during awards season; I've no doubt that they do it just so they won't have to go up against Lost, since that would, of course, mean they would get what they deserve: NOTHING!

Let me give you a rundown of this show:

Bree's husband dies and she's accused of murdering him ... screaming funny!

Lynette gets addicted to her kids' Ritalin ... so humorous!

Betty's mentally handicapped son killed a girl and they're on the run ... a laugh riot!

Gabrielle cheats on her husband with a teenager ... comical!

Susan burns down Edie's house ... side-splitting!

Bree's fiance attempts to murder her therapist and then kills himself while she watches ... knee-slapping!

Gabby has a miscarriage ... hilarious!

[I've run out of synonyms, but not out of storylines]

Andrew runs over Carlos' mother and Bree and Rex cover it up.
Carlos goes to jail for beating up homosexuals.
Lynette's machinations cause her husband to lose his job.
Susan's fiance breaks up with her. In the middle of the street. While she's wearing her wedding gown.
Mary Alice stole a kid and killed its mother and then killed herself.
Paul killed the nosy neighbor.
Lynette gets her boss fired and then suggests the receptionist sue her firm for sexual harrassment.
Carlos' lawyer tries to blackmail Gabby into sleeping with him.
Betty covers up the death of an investigator who died in her house.
Susan finds out her mother lied to her about who her father is.

I'll admit that there are some funny moments ... although I hate Susan so much that I actually did laugh during the whole Public Break-up Scene (though I do not think that's what the writers intended).

Still, just because Marc Cherry wrote for Golden Girls, which is arguably one of the best television shows of all time and I love it, that does not mean that EVERY series he writes is a comedy. This one isn't, I can tell you that.

I have to say that I am kind of over the whole Desperate Housewives phenomenon, and I am DEFINITELY over the whole Teri-Hatcher-Makes-A-Comeback thing.

And I think it is cheating--CHEATING--when DH wins a whole bunch of awards because THEY'VE put THEMSELVES in the comedy category, when they are clearly a drama.

Or a melodrama, when it comes to that, because I foresee an episode in which Susan's ca-raaaazy antics somehow end up with her being tied to some tracks and here comes the train around the bend and then Mike has to rescue her before Snidely Whiplash blows everything up with a big red stick of Acme dynamite. It's that kind of show.

See? Even the funny parts aren't THAT funny; they're the kind of "funny" that old men do, like when your weird uncle pulls a quarter out of your ear or your brother makes a rude noise with his armpit: LAME.

[THAT'S a category the Academy should have: LAME COMEDY. The list of nominees would be huge!]

In conclusion, I am sick of the whole Desperate Housewives juggernaut, and they make me mad during every awards show, with their undeserved wins in their undeserved category, taking honors away from ACTUAL comedies and ACTAL comedic actors, and I hope that next year they are forced by angry Academy members to withdraw their nominations as a punishment; it would serve them right and also, THAT would make me laugh.

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