Flower Girls Day

Yesterday, my mom, my sister Joon, and I had a Girls' Day Out.

We started off at a local antique store/tearoom, which was having its Christmas Open House. There, we ate a girly lunch of chicken salad and scoped out some old stuff. Joon is no fan of antiques, but I saw some interesting pieces.

This is the same place where I bought my antique teacher desk many years ago. It has served no real purpose other than providing a place for my cat Lulu to perch as she stares at the neighbor's dog. So that was $300 well spent.

We next went up to the County Seat, to the square, where every shop was also have Christmas Open House. We went in several stores, but still bought nothing. I did see an interesting dishtowel; it says, "Examine wildlife ... be a teacher." Joon and I laughed hysterically in a I-totally-get-that way.

Having searched for the perfect Christmas ornament in eleventy-billion stores, we went to our favorite flower shop, which was often frequented by my grandma before she died. Seriously, she kept this shop in business for about five years. I believe it was out of respect for Grandma that the owner waited until she died before divorcing his just-had-a-baby wife and moving in with his boyfried. I love that guy. If I were richer, I might even buy some of his flower arrangements.

We did see several awesome Christmas decorations, which, being the cheapskates we are, we decided we could replicate from common household objects bought at Wal-Mart. That was our next stop.

Here, we spent approximately four years in the craft department as Joon and my mom tried to make up their minds as to whether or not I was right about what items to buy. I had to finally bring them around to my way of seeing things by saying, "Okay, raise your hand if you watch Martha Stewart EVERY DAY." So I guess I won that debate.

We went over to Joon's house and proceeded to get glitter on every imaginable surface, including Joon's dog. But we had fun, and Joon has some new (inexpensive, but surprisingly expensive-looking) Christmas decorations, and that's what's important.

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