Prison Break: AIIIEEE!

I wasn't sure, at the beginning of the season, that I was going to watch this show. I'm not all that comfortable with, like, incarceration and stuff, not to mention the things that GO ON in prison, which I will not talk about right now because that would require me to THINK about it, and that just skeeves me the heck out.

At any rate, it was so highly praised by critics (well, by Entertainment Weekly, which is good enough for me) that I Tivo'd it and waited about six days to watch it.


And I'm not just saying that so I can be down with the EW people; I totally mean it!

It's not that the acting is 100% all the time, or that the plot is all that believable, or that the leads are so good-looking, or that the writing is fresh and uncliched. (because ... no. Except for the good-looking thing; I'm not blind, people!)

What I like most about it is that from the first minute to the last, I am totally sucked in. For 59 minutes I believe everything that I see unfold is actually happening: I get short of breath when Michael is almost caught doing something illegal (as he is EVERY week), I get choked up when Michael and Lincoln hug (as they did tonight, after the huge prison riot), I laugh at Sucre, I draw back in distaste from T-Bag, and I growl at Bellick and his stupid egotistical racist sexist judgmental superiority-but-covering-a-massive-inferiority-complex complex.

These people (who are FICTIONAL, for crying out loud!), for that amount of time, are real to me, and that is why I love this show.

Except that it is going to be pre-empted for the next three weeks because of BASEBALL, a game I used to love, but am now going to have to hold a grudge against.


Cindy said...

Mei, hope you'll forgive an off-topic comment...but I just wanted to tell you I blogged about you! :)


Mei said...

Thanks, Cindy; I appreciate the plug! I read your interview with Jane Kirkpatrick--she is one of my favorite authors. I am going to read Liz Curtis Higgs next; I am actually going through her devotional right now!


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