I Admit ... I Knit

I'm not ashamed, but when you are a thirty-year old spinster lady with a cat ... well, people think stuff.

I took up knitting in the first place because of Julia Roberts. I figured, if she knits, so can I. And at the time, I believe JR was spinster lady herself, so how come no one was judging her? Maybe because she wasn't living in a place where one is expected to get married right out of high school ...

Anyway, I am not a good knitter; left-handed knitting instructions are hard to find, plus I read them wrong anyway and sort of invented my own method. But it works for me, and that's all that matters, is what I say.

When Joon was pregnant, I thought that it would be nice to knit a baby blanket. I bought some lovely soft yarn and found an easy pattern and began knitting away. I figured if I knitted ten rows a night for nine months, then surely--SURELY--I would finish that sucker. (I am awesome at beginning projects. Not so much finishing them).

Then Joon wasn't pregnant anymore, and I had this third of a baby blanket just sitting around. So I decided I would complete the blanket, but I would make it bigger, and I would give it to ... ME. I (will) deserve it, after all that work.

So now, I am working on rows of two hundred and fifty-eight stitches, and that is a LOT, and I know as I look at it that I'm thinking in the back of my head, "Do I really need to finish it?" (I am also awesome at quitting stuff).

The answer is YES, YES I NEED TO FINISH IT. Because even though it's almost half done, when the finished part is laying across my lap, it is nice and cuddly-warm, just the way I intended it to be for Joon's baby. It's going to feel great this winter when I have turned the heat down to sixty degrees, because I am not made of money, people!

An added benefit is that knitting takes two hands, so there is no hand left over to drag potato chips into my mouth. I have heard before of the Knitting Diet, and I guess I am on it, because I have lost five pounds and I haven't been trying.

Also, knitting has helped me clean out my Tivo, because I can watch the shows and knit at the same time and before I know it, I'm down four episodes of Gilmore Girls and I've added twenty rows to my winter blanket.

I guess I say all that to say this: KNITTING IS COOL AND YOU KNOW IT.

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