Oh, My Stars and Garters

How's that for an awesome interjection? And I'm not even seventy!

I am beat this week, you guys, because I have been going through the regular school schedule, even though we only had kids one half day (yesterday). I immediately want to go to bed every day when I get home--at 3:30. But, I am trying to be responsible, because I know if take a nap, I won't be able to sleep ... not that I have been anyway.

In spite of the sleeping pills I've been taking, I have been tossing and turning
all night (like the song!). In my dreams I am writing posts and defending myself against stupid people at BlogCritics. It is SO WEIRD! There was no reason for these kinds of nightmares.

Until today.

Today I got my very first hateful comment, and boy did it pack a punch. I was checking my email at school when I read it, and I was SHOCKED. SHOCKED, I tell you.

The insinuations and innuendos this person made were vile and venomous, and his post was full of egregious spelling and grammar errors. I don't know which of the two is worse: that someone is attacking my character, or that said "person" (because I'm guessing he's human, but I don't want to be presumptuous) is attacking me with the education of a fifth grader (not that I mean to insult fifth graders; I personally knew the difference between their and there when I was that age, but I WAS in the gifted class after all, and had been since kindergarten, so it's obvious that I am not the stupid one here).

Seriously, that is one child that got left behind.

Anyway, I have received two very nice comments this week. The first came from Cindy, who gave me some lovely compliments about my writing; thanks, Cindy! And the second came from The Real Doug, who said I am "a hoot," which is awesome because that is a Southern saying right there. That reminds me of something; I'll get to it later.

Also, I was named a BlogCritics Pick of the Week, which is an honor.

Listen, the last time I kept a journal of any kind was in college (and that was for a grade), and I'm so glad I found an outlet. I appreciate those who read this stuff, because I haven't really done that much to advertise. I feel very fortunate to have found a few readers, so, thanks, guys!

About the Southern stuff: I was watching The Amazing Race on GSN last night (it's the best show; watch it!) and the contestants were trying to find a plastic pineapple in a real pineapple field. I don't know why, but that pineapple field totally looked like the cornfield on HeeHaw!, which my family used to be ADDICTED TO, and I am not joking. I had a momentary flashback to that part of the show where someone says something like (and excuse my horrible paraphrase, it's been a few years), "This is for Beanpole, Iowa, population 37 1/2," and then the whole cast stands up in the cornfield and says, "Sal-looo!"

Maybe you had to be there.

At any rate, thanks once again to Cindy and The Real Doug, who kept me from losing my religion today, because it was thisclose, BELIEVE YOU ME.

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