Big News from the Flower-Fartersons!

My sister Joon's Lil Darlin' has something she wants to say:

Yup, Joon and MJ are going to be parents! I think Joon is freaked out.

On the plus side, Joon is now reading a book ALL THE WAY THROUGH. She is very knowledgeable on the subject of stuff growing inside her. According to the book, the baby is now half the size of the letter "o." That is TINY!

We spent Saturday at Barnes & Noble looking for baby names. Well, I looked for baby names. Joon read a book about the kinds of diseases she should be on the lookout for as her pregnancy progresses.

I have already told Joon that she need not worry about me being present for the delivery. I watched a video of a birth in the tenth grade and I have NO desire to see it in person. I'm still kinda sorry I saw it on video; it has been 15 years and I still gag when I think of it!

My parents are thrilled about being grandparents, my mom especially.

Joon and I also went to Target to check out the baby stuff. I told her I would be in charge of buying clothes.

Clothes ... AND DRUMS!!!

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