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Just some quick notes in case you're dying to know what's going on --

Had my birthday party tonight with family. Discussed topic: "Thirty Is the New Twenty," and how I'm not traumatized (yet).

Reading Harry Potter, which I got from my dad. Currently on pg. 133; expect to finish by 2:00 p.m.

Watching Season 1 of the Amazing Race on GSN. My favorite tv show, and also Rob is hot. That's not why I watch it though (hee).

Lulu bit me when I poked her with a knitting needle. Also, the cat who will stare at a roach (hate them! they ganged up on me when I was a baby) or spider (too many legs=freaky) while I do the Crazy Bug Dance went postal on the Very Dangerous Cricket in the kitchen.

Putting off shopping for school clothes as the Metropolis is experiencing gang initiations, in which prospective gang members attack a woman in a shopping center parking lot and kill her. Most often repeated question during Mei/Joon phone calls: "Were you raped and killed yet?"

Got class assignments from school. Same as last year, which YAY! Easy to plan! Teachers start back August 1st, which BOO! That's still summer!

Mom starting trip to Honduras in three hours. Dad expecting to live on Subway sandwiches for the next week.

Sleepy, but I really want to finish this book.

Writing in incomplete sentences. Bad teacher. Must renew commitment to education. And grammar.

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