Answer: The big tool on Jeopardy

Question: Who is David Madden?

Look, maybe it's great for Jeopardy that the champions can stay until somebody beats them, but I totally hate this new rule. Mostly I hate it because of the current champion, David Madden.

I'm sure he's a very nice boy (not man, because have you seen him? He is, like, seventeen), but he grates on my nerves. I don't even think Alex likes him. I certainly don't see the level of respect from Alex that he had for Ken Jennings. Probably Alex thinks Madden is a tool, too.

Although he's never actually come out and said it, Madden gives out this vibe of smug superiority, and it makes me want to punch him in the face.

Okay, who's this?

"ooh, I live in Berlin. I'm soooo international."
"ooh, I want to go in the Peace Corps. I'm soooo considerate and compassionate."
"ooh, I know EVERY fact about EVERY subject in THE WHOLE WORLD."
"ooh, I'm a giant ponce and I have a jillion dollars that I won on Jeopardy."

Okay, so maybe I'm reading him wrong here, but the sooner his gimungous head is off my tv screen the better.

I'd totally date him, of course.


Anonymous said...

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DAVE (theendofdave.com) said...

Just read your post on Blogcritic. Seems we share the same opinion. He's a freak...

Anonymous said...

Ok... certain things about him do get on my nerves:

The way he jerks his arm when he rings in

The way he always does that big sigh/"Whew" at the top of each show when they say how much money he's won

My friend hates that he starts in the middle of the category

BUT... I'm drawn to him for some bizarre reason. It's like an accident! Funny post by the way.
I'd probably date him too!


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